Who’d want a relationship with an “entitled consumer”?

We believe that today’s consumers act entitled. And, before you think to point the finger at Millennials, it’s not just the “me, me, me generation.” Every day, every one of us acts entitled in some way or another. If you’ve ever moaned about the four-hour window that you have to wait at home for the cable guy to come, or abandoned an online shopping cart because the shipping was going to be too slow or wasn’t free, or if it bothers you that you have to wait two years to upgrade your phone, or if you’ve ever complained about the slowness of Wi-Fi in an airplane hurtling at 500 miles per hour, 30,000 feet in the air – you’re entitled.

But, is this bad?

We don’t think so. “Entitled” means believing oneself to be inherently deserving of privileges or special treatment. This is not a pejorative description; it’s reality. Companies like Amazon, Nordstrom, Apple, Zappos, USAA, and maybe even Uber have taught us that we are deserving of privileges and special treatment. Rather than bemoaning the rise of entitled consumers, we believe that companies should embrace them!

The entitled consumer wants a brand relationship based on relevance, convenience, and  value. To meet these expectations, companies. We must treat every customer interaction as an opportunity to know and serve the customer better. That’s easier said than done. And, it’s why we’ve started this blog – to capture examples of consumer expectations as well as how and when we see companies succeeding, and sometimes failing, to meet those expectations.

We look forward to the conversation!

Dave & Nick

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