Show me that you know me!

We started this blog two days ago. In that time, I’ve probably spent the most amount of blog-related time trying to get WordPress’s Twitter widget to work. Sure, I can add two separate streams of my and Nick’s tweets. But, what I can’t do is set up one stream of #EntitledConsumer tweets. Why? I still have no idea. It is an offered feature, I just can’t get it to work. So, imagine my delight when WordPress emailed me today to tell me about the most underrated feature for new websites. Yep, you guessed it: widgets.

Wordpress email re Widgets

How much better would my experience have been if that email had actually been tailored to me. Imagine if it was, “Hey Dave, we see that you’ve installed and uninstalled the twitter feed widget about 68 times, is everything ok now? Here’s some knowledge base articles that we don’t think you checked out that might resolve any remaining issues.” Instead, I got a generic, “lifecycle” email (two days after someone signs up, send them this) which not only added no value, but showed me that WordPress doesn’t know me, is unlikely to get to know me, and doesn’t seem to care. I’m an Entitled Consumer; and that’s not good enough!


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