Getting it wrong might be worse than not trying!

Sheraton Amsterdam EmailWe’re never going to claim that personalization is easy. But, we do think that there are simple solutions that can have a big impact. And, then there are ideas that might be good ideas but the execution makes it all moot. I genuinely hope that we share much more positive experiences than negative on this blog, but sometimes there’s at least as much to learn from one company’s mistakes as there is from another’s success.*

Last week I was in Brussels for internal meetings and we stayed at a nice hotel downtown for most of the trip. My last night was planned for the slightly-less luxurious Brussels Sheraton – somewhere I stay fairly often as it’s so handy before an early flight.

I have platinum status with Starwood which means I get upgraded to their best available room. So, when I received an email during my trip inviting me to “bid” to potentially get upgraded, it struck me as a wasted “touch”.

But, what struck fear into me was when I read the copy inviting me to bid to upgrade my room at the Amsterdam airport Sheraton. I had one of those mild panics while I flipped over to the SPG app to discover, thankfully, that I was indeed booked at the Brussels airport. So, not only a wasted touch, but one that left a customer in mild sweats and palpitations – thanks for the personalization, guys!

*I also hope I don’t become a brand assassin for the brands that I use most often – just because they’re the brands I hear from most often.

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