“Marketing to the Entitled Consumer” – the book

MTTEC CoverOne morning in Lisbon, Nick and I were sitting beside each other listening to an author talk about marketing effectiveness at a client conference. His presentation connected with the entire audience. So much so that we could almost hear minds opening and gears turning as a packed room of professionals listened, learned, and started to think differently about a new and exciting approach to their work. Something clicked inside the two of us and we looked at each other — almost in sync — and said, “we need to write a book.”

We had been in a months-long discussion about why forming durable connections with consumers was so hard, but it wasn’t until that moment that we realized that we wanted to formalize our thinking and contribute something to the debate. Three years later and with help from Josh Bernoff and an army of supporters, we’ve completed the manuscript and expect Marketing to the Entitled Consumer to be on bookshelves in October. Our hope is that we can connect with our readers as powerfully as that speaker did, sparking much needed change in how marketers engage with customers.

Our ideas come from marketers fashioning today’s consumer experiences, the experts who advise them, and from research with more than 7,000 consumers in the US and Europe, as well as focus groups in four countries. The consumer research helped us define and identify Entitled Consumers and what they expect from brands. We are extremely grateful to everyone that spoke with us and shared their ideas and perspectives for the book. None of this would have been possible without their help.

You can pre-order the book on Amazon. Our goal was to challenge the status quo, encouraging marketers to try something new by creating a roadmap for changing how to build relationships with entitled consumers. We hope you take look and let us know what you think by joining the discussion.

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